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Steve Beck on CBS Morning News

Interviewed by Bill Curtis, Beck shows and tells about some of his various inventions and his video art. The Energy Management System was used by Safeway Stores in all 6,000 of its stores worldwide. (1980 onward.) The EMS saved millions of dollars for Safeway and saved millions of megawatts of electrical power. It also saved a lot of food from spoilage and waste. The Breakdance Video game (EPYX) sold millions of copies and was the first dancing video game. Beck's "Electron Video Creations" published the first home video album "Illuminated Music" in 1984. Featuring Beck's video art created with his invention the Beck Direct Video Synthesizer. Brief clips from Illuminated Music to the music "Like It Is" by brother Yusef Lateef (R.I.P.), Video Weavings, and UNION, winner of a Prix Italia, and other awards, are shown here. The Phosphotron was Beck's first electronic visual image invention, producing visible images directly in the eye of the viewer. No photons or light are involved. Clip courtesy of CBS, thank you! Originally broadcast nationally on September 11, 1984. Excerpts from "Illuminated Music" video scenes are (C)Copyright 1974-2016 by Steve Beck and Beck-Tech Corp. All Rights

Beck on CNN Trimmed 3 H264

Steve Beck appears on CNN National Television Broadcast, interview of Beck, with some of his BeckTech inventions and his video art works. On the CNN segment "Looking Up" how appropriate! Use courtesy of CNN, thank you!