noor logoNOOR is the Arabic (and Farsi) word meaning Light. NOOR seeks to build bridges between cultures, and is an exploration of Spiritual Technology. The NOOR project initially concerns time variant analytical geometries based on patterns and design motifs found in Middle Eastern Art and Architecture, among other world cultures across the space and time of history.

“Light is my very Nature; I am no other than Light.” (Vedic Upanishads)


“And God said Let There Be Light.” (Genesis 1:3)


“Allah is the Light of the Heavens and the earth.” (Qur’an 24:35)


 e = mc2   (Albert Einstein)

About NOOR


Selected Test Scenes

From “Noor and the Gardens of Paradise.”
(Tile animations based on images taken from "Barcelona Tile Designs" published by The Pepin Press - used by permission.)


Architectural Visualizations

LED Calligraphy on Xenel Building, Jeddah.

NOOR Project Research Patrons – Thank you!:

"Beck-Tech Corp. Berkeley, California (2005-2011)
Xenel International USA, Westlake Village, California (2006-2007)
Anonymous Patrons.
(No University or Public Funds were used for any of the NOOR research.)


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NOOR LED light Sculpture


Still frame moment from NOOR 4D Worlds
Still frame moment from NOOR 4D Worlds
Time variant stereographic 3D animations.

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