Kingdom of Tonga – Radiospace

Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia

Video Weavings Review 2007

Video Weavings Canvas

Solaris Series Videons


The Lone Breaker – Breakdance Cartoon

My First Video Experiences 1952

The End of Snow

Chief Video

Test Pattern Mandalas

Limited Edition Color Powder Xerographs

Water color paintings 1970-1980

Video Weavings on iPod

Optical Video Replicators

Mondo 2000

eHat 1.0


Music – Brain Soma
Music – Alive and Analog
Music: Zagreb Etudes


Rob Fisher (1927-2006)

Rob Fisher was a great friend and teacher as well as a master sculptor and consummate artist. I first met Rob at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, in 1967 when I was an undergraduate student there. He was one of my best teachers and collaborators in multimedia and light sculpture. His presence remains in his extensive body of work, though we miss his cordial, fun and engaging self since he passed on in 2006.

Wassily Kandinsky
Thomas Wilfred
Oscar Fishinger
Mary Ellen Bute
Whitney Brothers
Jordan Belson
Howard Klein
Howard Wise
Brice Howard
Paul Kauffman
Laurie Anderson
Queen Mu
Mitsuhiro Takemura
Nam June Paik (1936-2006)